RuveneCo is a company unlike any other. We are focused on developing new ideas or new technologies to improve our customers' lives, change markets and create business opportunities.

RuveneCo continues to maintain its position ahead of the test prep crowd with innovative products and development.

The MCAT Store sells the highest quality MCAT products in the industry

RuveneCo Publishing and its online wing continue to maintain a strong partnership with

As The Only Prep You Need™, we continue to develop the most advanced online test prep technology, with our flagship website for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) being MCAT-Prep.

RuveneCo Inc has been incorporated since 1991 and derives its name from "Ruveneko", which in Shona means "from where light emanates". RuveneCo initially published international best selling test prep books, including The Gold Standard MCAT. Subsequent publications featured online interactive teaching programs, live courses, teaching videos and over 20 test prep websites. The publishing wing has expanded to include Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) Dental Admissions test (DAT) and Optometry Admissions test (OAT) prep materials.


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